There are more than 100 instruments on board the current constellation of Earth observing satellites that look back at our planet gathering critical data about the land, oceans and atmosphere. The data streams back to Earth as thousands of channels of data every minute of every day. How much data is that? About the size

In one word . . . Innovation. Our president and founder has spent his entire career exploring, defining, and predicting the Earth’s combined air, sea and land systems. With a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and 40+ years of developing cutting-edge applications for Earth system science, he spent decades at NASA spearheading the development of Earth

On April 1, 1960 NASA launched the first weather satellite into orbit around the Earth. TIROS-1 revolutionized the way that we think about the Earth, providing us the ability to look back at our planet from space. Now, more than fifty years later, there are over 50 earth-viewing satellites in orbit that continuously monitor the


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The grand environmental challenge of this century is water – whether too much, or too little. And, the ability to predict when and where it falls and where it goes is crucial to most decision-making. Flooding and droughts kill more people than any other weather disaster and result in billions of dollars in damage every


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Whether your operations are over land, water, or in the air, extreme weather and environmental conditions are having an increasing impact on fleet management operations. At EarthCast Technologies, LP, we have the entire Earth system at our fingertips and can customize products to serve your operations, no matter the scale, anywhere in the world. Don’t

Emergency Management

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EarthCast Technologies, LP pairs our cutting edge prediction technology with high resolution satellite observations in near real time with precise surface and terrain information to produce Hyperlocal predictions of environmental hazards. When seconds count, EarthCast™ provides critical information to decision makers about hazards of all kinds, whether man-made or natural.


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EarthCast Technologies, LP produces highly accurate Hyperlocal forecasts and local real time monitoring of soil temperature, soil moisture and key weather components that can impact productivity on your job site – anywhere on the globe. From large projects in the city to job sites in very remote locations; when time is money, count on EarthCast™.


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EarthCast Technologies, LP can provide environmental monitoring and prediction information at the HyperResolution scale, providing highly detailed and site-specific information where changing soil conditions, local topography and landscape can dramatically impact local conditions. While there has been a great deal of talk about big data and its impact on agriculture, only EarthCast™ can generate highly


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EarthCast Technologies, LP has developed the ultimate solution for aviation weather flight planning. Enter information about your flight and we generate a movie that highlights your specific flight plan along with predicted weather and related aviation hazards. Custom movies animate over the entire time of your planned flight alerting you to hazards of all kinds.

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